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09-01-2006, 02:46 PM
Just got back for my local Goodyear dealer, Moody's Tire & Auto here in Franklin, TN. Just 5 milers off I-65 So. of Nashville, TN. Came home with four Unisteel G614 RST 235/85R16 G rated tires on my 3400RL Bighorn. One mounted on the white steel spare rim and another in the back or the truck for good luck. All mounted tires are blanced. $218.19 each for 5 plus I traded the Chinese Loadstar 235/80R16 E rated in for sixth tire and the balance jobs and one steel valve stem. They have a lot of horse trailers around here with 16" tires. Chinese tires shoud be alright for horses but not people. Total coast 6 tires $1217.05 out the door. Some of you have been talking about $300. plus for these tires. If you are going So. on TN I-65 might want to think about Moody's Goodyear in Franklin, TN., been in business for 45 years. There number is 615-794-1504, call and talk to Paul, Randy or anyone about stock and price. They have a nice drive around with a covered bay for semis and RVs. Yes they are good old southern boys but they keep there word and do what they say!

Of course heartland says that with over rated tires we will overload our 6,000 lb axles. Folks I worked on Railroda Rail and Tire gangs for 32 years. I have seen men die due to over loaded slings and cables, A broken cable with a 507 hook half thur a mans head is not somthing you will forget. Cable was well worn and very old just like some of our tires. Nice to have a few thousand lb.s safty margin to work with. NO I WILL NOT BE OVER LOADING MY AXELS. Pull a coach across the southwest United States and I bet your load limit is down by 10 to 20 percent. Don't know about you but I want that extra margin of safty.

Anyway said enough.

Tom in TN.

Uncle Rog
09-01-2006, 04:50 PM
Good idea highrail, I think six is just about the right # of tires. It's pretty hard finding a replacement spare out on the road........