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Jay Pearsall
09-10-2006, 09:31 AM
As our first post, we're upgrading to a Bighorn from a Rockwood 27' TT. A couple questions for you experienced folks. Living in Virginia, the nearest dealer is over 200 miles away - tough finding one to see in person, but we're almost willing to buy sight unseen based on all our research.

1. Floor plans.
a. 3055. We see a lot of threads on this unit. It sounds like a great one, but any regrets having the picture windows looking out to the other side of the unit and not toward your own awning and pad area? Is the BR space big enough to towel off or change in?

b. 3400 vs 3500. Deb likes the extra room and storage in the BR of the 36 footers. We like the features of the 3400 (picture windows on same side as the awning and door), but feel the kitchen counterspace is lacking. The 3500 looks to have more counterspace and living room but we can't tell if there's still a computer desk.

2. Features. I agree it's smart to prewire for a second A/C unit. What else is smart to prep? Generator (where does the gen mount?)? What else have y'all learned since purchase we should think about?

3. Fridge. We think we'll need to upgrade from the 8' to the 10' fridge. Do you lose the pantry? Does the 10' increase vertically?

Thanks! Jay (will be USAF retired next year)

09-10-2006, 10:22 AM
Jay and Debbie
We really love our 3055. The lack of picture window on the awning side does not make any difference to us. There is lots of room to towel off also. The only comment is that there is not loads of room between the bed and the forward closet. A queen bed would give 6" more room there I think, but we like the king.

09-10-2006, 10:23 AM
We have a 3400RL and enjoy the room this coach has. You are able see the tv from the kitchen side as well as anywhere in the living room with anything in the way, which is nice. We do enjoy the large window to the back as much as anything, the side window can be blocked by another RV besides you in a RV camp grounds. We have a lot cabinet space with this floor plan. As for the refrig. with a larger size you well loss the pantry. We have just normal size refrig. and have not had much problem with not getting in all the needs of our family when they are with us. I would advise getting the double pane windows for summer as well as winter. I did see were you only have 3/4 ton pickup for this size coach I think you may want a ton pickup. We sure do enjoy our coach very much and are very proud of it also. I would advise seeing the coach of your dreams before buying any RV. Have fun picking out your dream coach. Evans & Lana

09-10-2006, 10:33 AM
1) Looked forever to find a floor plan like the 3055. Only other coach that had it that I would consider is a HitchHiker. Never did give much thought to the window being on the awning side. Now I have something else to ponder on. ;) I am 6'3" 260#'s no problem with the shower but I was weened on the shower in our truck camper!
2) Counter space is still an issue with my wife. Likes our friends kitchens in their Jayco and Sunnybrook. There kitchens slide out. Everyone like our floor plan better. I think with the Corain sink covers, a closed stove cover and the optional counter extension there is more counter space than our house. But then again I am not the one using it.
3) We ordered the second air wiring but probably will never have one. With the "tent in the vent" modification our air flow is outstanding! But we live in Colorado and our travels don't require much in the way of the A/C.
3) GET THE 10' REFRIGERATOR. Sorry for yelling but we didn't. Thought the $1000 was ridiculous! Still do but you can not put ice trays in the 8 footer the conventional way. You have to put them in sideways. Our 8 foot NorCold in the truck camper seems half again as big compared to the 8 foot Dometic. Just seems laid out better. That was our decision to go with a standard NorCold. You dint lose any pantry room. The 10 foot is deeper not wider. Wish we would have know the deficiencies of the Dometic and I would have ordered the bigger unit.
We are only about 35 minutes away from out dealer so I would suggest that you camp a couple of days close to your dealer before you take it home. Use ALL the things in the camper from the microwave to the sewer dump. Leave nothing to chance because you ARE going to find something that needs fixed. It is the nature of ALL RV makes and models. Might as well save yourself another 200 mile trip. Good luck!

09-10-2006, 11:44 AM
If you decide to buy a Heartland make sure u go thru the unit completely and check every plumbing fitting in the unit, sinks and shower and toilet. Ours leaked at every drain on first use, all the fittings were ?finger tight so ended up with water under counters and in the storage bay before we realized it. Also the comment about the queen bed option is incorrect. The queens we have seen gain space on the shower side, you still are tight for the closet space. Expect deficiences in assembly, we are at 30+ and still counting. Our dealer is going to have a winters worth of work to bring our unit up to standard.

Wild Wind
09-10-2006, 01:32 PM
Have a 3055 full of problems, but it is still a great layout, if you get a queen bed, there is alot of room in the bedroom. I agree with everything that Copper Bill & Lesjoy said. Get the 10 cu.foot refrig. , but you might want to camp next to the Dealer for at least 3 months, also plan on buying better tires for your saftey.

The RV-Ramblers
09-10-2006, 02:15 PM
We have the 2007 BigHorn 3500 with ten cubic foot refrigerator. We did not lose the pantry. Ours does not have a computer desk. We have plenty of room and cabinet storage. I believe that it was wired for a second A/C as a standard from the factory. Our dealer, RVs for Less, installed our second A/C with heat strip. We purchase the dual pane windows. He also changed the standard microwave oven to a convection/microwave oven which I understand is not an option from the factory. We did not get the kitchen island (dealer said it could be added later if we want it. We don't see a need for it as we have ample counter space. If we want more, we may add a portable butcher-block type cabinet. Seems it would be more versatile. We also opted for the AirRide hitch. Overall, we are happy with our BigHorn.

09-10-2006, 07:38 PM
Counter space???? check out the 3600rl...oodles of counter space..

09-12-2006, 08:15 AM
We have really enjoyed our Bighorn 3500 with the open floorplan. I planned on adding a 2nd air in the bedroom since I bought our RV in April but the one air has cooled it down everytime with just one air. The standard fridge holds a lot of food, we have cooked for many people. My only suggestion is to look at all the floorplans to get the one you want best, its a whole lot harder to change later.

Hope you buy the Heartland that will best fit your RVing.

09-12-2006, 02:41 PM
We have a 2006 3500RL that has the island. Ours is the model with the sink in the slide. Really like it and there is a lot of counter space. We have had no problem with the flex hose, that drains the sink, leaking. We have the computer desk with the file drawers to the side. We did not order it, came off the dealers lot. There have been some minor issues that were fixed when at the rally as well as a water leak in the table slide. No problems since. In about 4 weeks we are going to be leaving for 6 months on the road. Both of us are looking forward to it and anxious to go.

Steve and Sharon

2500 Dodge Ram 4x4, long bed, 5 speedNone
3500 RL BH

09-12-2006, 03:06 PM
We also have the 3500RL with Island option. We really like it alot. There is alot of cabinet space,counter space and still room for a group of adults to get together and chew the fat.

Good luck,

09-12-2006, 03:44 PM
Jay, We just visited Heartland RV in Elkhart Indiana. The Factory tour was a real help with our decision of which Model to to order. Our first thoughts was the 3055RL . Once we finished the factory tour, we decided the 3400RL was what we really wanted.

I let my bride do the calculations of cabinet space for her kitchen. She determined that between the two models, there were very close to equal in space. The Deciding factor for us was the additional space in the Living room and bedroom.

Our family is growing... that is our girls are now having babies and when the time comes they will visit us... the additional room will make their visits very comfortable for us all. There will be room for baby equipment that always arrives with the little ones come. The fact that the bedroom is larger as well helps us stay comfortable when we will have company and need to close the room divider for privacy.

I really wish you could do as we did. That is make the trip to Elkhart and take a tour of the Factory. You'll clearly have a better understanding of the quality you will be purchasing. Alas not all have the chance to do the tour. Next best might be to locate a RV Show. I remembering hearing the people at Heartland say they were getting ready for the Louisville Kentucky show. I Googled and see that the Louisville Boat, RV and Sportshow is held on January 27 through Feburary 4 of 2007. There might be one close to Your area as well.

Our present Fifthwheel has the Large windows on the left side (Driver Side) of the living room as well. It has not been a problem, in fact we often select which side of our trailer faces the sun with regards as to how hot or how cool it is outside. If you want the heat of the sun to shine in... face if possible the large windows south. If we need it cooler, we try facing the large windows North to reduce the suns rays from heating the interior of the trailer.

We did not select the 10' larger Refrigerator because of the space that Heartland has built into the front of the BigHorns that is designed for a washer/dryer. We will not have a washer but if we find we need additional cold food storage... Perhaps a small freezer or a small Refrigerator will go in that space. Weight should not be an issue as it is designed for the weight of a washer/dryer unit.

We selected:

Dual Paine windows - Wired and Framed for a second A/C (for the future perhaps) - High Gloss Gel Coat finish - Slide Toppers - Aluminm Rims - Electric Rear Stabalizers - Queen Bed - Bedroom Fan - Euro Leather Chairs - Counter Extension.

We didn't prep for a Generator. I have a Honda 2000si generator we use when dry camping. I'd hate to lose the space the large Generator takes up in the basement. Check out the actual space difference between the 8 cu. Ft Refrigerator and the 10 Cu. Ft model. You might have second thoughts if you do. With the room taken up by an ice maker.... little room is left in the freezer in my opinion.

We have full timed for very close to two years now. Many others have far more time than we. Do as much research as you can... write down the questions you might have... You'll do well when you do make your purchase.


Jay Pearsall
09-12-2006, 08:50 PM
Thank you everyone for the replys! Very interesting comments and ideas. Deb and I are thinking about finding a dealer with a couple models and doing a roadtrip to see one in person. Thanks! Jay