View Full Version : Check-ball in generator fuel supply line

12-09-2010, 08:55 PM
My generator has always been difficult to start on my 08 3210 and really has never ran properly. I finally discovered that there is a spring loaded check-ball in the outlet fitting on the gas tank where the generator fuel line attaches. This check-ball should open when the generator fuel pump starts, allowing fuel to flow. It should close when the fuel pump stops -- preventing all the fuel in the hose from running back into the tanK -- which significantly reduces the time need to prime the fuel system the next time you want to start the generator.

I discovered that the check-ball in my system was stuck between the open and closed positions -- so my generator was never getting as much fuel as it required because the check-ball was partially closed AND fuel was able to leak past the partially open check-ball after I shut the generator office because the check-ball was partially open. This condition had been causing me problems almost from the beginning.

If you have been having similar problems you might want to check to ensure you don't have the same situation.

12-10-2010, 07:48 AM
That actually is a anti-siphon valve. It is to prevent fuel flowing out by siphon if the fuel line becomes disconnected or damaged in a collision. Many time I have found debris in them, causing them to restrict or shut the fuel flow off. Test it by removing it and replacing with a standard hose hose barb. Run the generator with its normal load and see if it runs like it should. Other things that can be causing your problems, weak fuel pump, leaking connections allowing air to get in, dirty fuel filter ( especially on the suction side of the pump. A filter on the pressure side can get 10 times dirtier with out affecting performance. ).