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04-29-2007, 06:17 AM
I just wanted to let everyone know that Friday we finally were able to bring home our new Trailrunner 2700 BHS. :D The dealer was awesome, when we pulled in, they had it set up with a fake fireplace, lawnchair, table ,etc. It was very cute as my wife had put it, Marcel from M's RV's in Montpelier, VT even had our names on the trailer(pics forthcoming) also went over the TT front top to bottom, DW and I were very satisfied. :) The PDI went great, we hooked up, I am towing with a Silverado 1/2 ton extended cab 4x4, truck handled camper great. NOW comes the fun, about 2 miles from home, we are headed up this street which has a big hill, I was coming up the hill and this nimrod jumps in her car, throws it in reverse, and continued to back up.. :eek: Luckily there were no cars coming down, I had the left lane completly used up. She just missed my truck, TT probably had maybe 3 inches if she was lucky, needless to say, I was ******, :mad: DW told me to continue home, TT and we were ok, no contact was made.
But anyways, it does look great in the driveway, weren't able to go anywhere yet, loaded it up with most of what we had already for it and the list has started. You all have a great day and Happy Camping. Sorry for the lengthy post, after 3 days, still had to vent. :)

04-29-2007, 07:41 AM
Congrats on getting her home Greg. Sounds like you had a close call. Hopefully that sort of stuff is now behind you and you'll having nothing but happy trails ahead.

Looking forward to seeing some pics of your new baby later.


04-29-2007, 09:43 AM
Just wait until the first BooBoo happens and you will be mad at your self. It happens and hope it along time down the road until it happens. Congrats on the new camper have great times and take lots of pictures to remember the good times.