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Ken Washington
09-28-2007, 08:39 AM
Has anyone had to change your slide toppers? Two of mine has developed small holes, rips and looks like it will not last too much longer. :( The third one looks new!:) My question is where did you get the replacements and how did you change them?


09-28-2007, 08:54 AM

I can speak a bit about how to replace them as I have done it with a friend.

Use two ladders that can work comfortably at the height of the awning.

The awning fabric has a hem in it with a plastic/rubber rod in the hem. That hem slides into a track that is screwed onto and remains on the trailer near the roof line.

Each end of that track may have a security screw run through the awning hem/rod to keep it from sliding out. Remove these one or two screws.

In my case, I bent/broke the bracket on one side of the slide room too. So in my case, we removed the screws that retain the brackets and then removed the brackets.

With the brackets removed, the awning can be slid down the track and off. be careful on the ladder when doing this.

Slide the new awning in the track, replace security screws. Attach awnings to brackets and brackets to slide room.

That all said, I am recalling from memory 3 years ago and I am sure I left something important out but at gives you a sense of what is involved. Have a helper and take your time. Should take you no longer than two hours or so.