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08-24-2013, 08:06 AM
Last fall when we were in the process of buying our new 5th wheel, we looked at many different models and brands. From there we narrowed our search to a few specifc models. I remember one model (SOB) that caught our attention. It was really sharp, good floor plan, colors, etc. but something just didn't seem right about it. Thankfully we settled on the BH 3260EL.

I found out later that another couple in our area did in fact buy this same unit. Last week I heard the horror stories from a relative of the couple. Despite the fact that it was manufactured by a company with long history in the business, the unit itself is a disaster. Everything from defective appliances, to framing failures (slides wouldn't go in and out), to jacks collapsing. After being in and out of the dealer most of the first half of the year, they finally sent it back to the factory for repairs. Hopefully they'll get it back before the end of the year.

The thing is, I consider my wife and I to be very prudent when we purchase big ticket items, but other than the "feeling" that it just wasn't right for us, there was nothing to indicate to us these types of problems would be in this unit. I really feel sorry for the other couple and the problems they've had, but at the same time thankful that we aren't the ones dealing with them.

For those considering a new unit, please do your research, go to the forum pages and see what others are saying about the model you are considering, and lastly sometimes you have to trust your gut feeling. If it doesn't seem right for you, walk away.

08-25-2013, 12:27 PM
Check the forum for tire issues and check yours, time to do more research.