View Full Version : thank you to all of you who offered advise to me. one more question?

08-29-2016, 01:45 PM
Here I am again, the girl without a clue. I have printed the Pre delivery inspection pages found here on this site. Good golly, that's so technical. Iam trying to find a qualified person to do an inspection at a Las Vegas dealership. Does anyone know someone in Vegas who does this ?? The google search has not been helpful. Maybe someone who has a 5th wheel in Vegas has an RV tech who could do this with me? Any suggestions would be helpful.

08-29-2016, 03:57 PM
Are you buying new or used????

08-30-2016, 12:18 AM
I think she's buying a Greystone which is a series HL hasn't produced in a couple of years. That would likely make this a used unit.

08-30-2016, 06:34 AM

In about a month, a large number of people on this forum will be in Las Vegas for the Heartland North American Rally. Any chance you'll be buying in early September?