View Full Version : Cable TV Issue

03-08-2018, 05:16 PM
HeY all,

I’m looking for ideas on this problem because I am pretty much out of ideas. Recently we have been unable to get signals to our TVs both connected to cable or through the antenna. Before our next trip I decided to dig into the problem starting with the cable lines through the trailer. I made use of a Klein coax explorer which uses signal devices through the cables to a tester at a central point.

In my my testing I can detect a signal at each end of my internal cables throughout the rig. I thought I had solved the issue when I found no signal when the cables are connected to the AntennaTek power supply located in the bedroom. This power supply acts as a booster for the antenna as well as a splitter to distribute the signal from either the antenna, cable or satellite. Since I had no issue until I connected the cables to this power supply I figured the power supply is bad, it has a small circuit board attached.

Bought a a new power supply installed it and still have no signal. I have since also used the coax explorer directly on the power supply and it shows a short.

What at am I missing here......Any suggestions are appreciated.