View Full Version : Winegard Traveler DirecTV SK-3005 HD Automatic Sat Dish

05-30-2019, 11:25 PM
Does anyone have an interest in an automatic satellite dish for DirecTV? I have a legacy model (by that I mean a Multiswitch version, Not SWM), that we used on our previous fifth wheel. This is a Winegard Traveler model SK-3005 dish, having 5 LNBs and a 4 port multiswitch (connections for RG6 coax). Any of the DirecTV receivers (HD or SD) prior to and including HR24/H24 models could use this dish, and it does receive HD signals. Basically you just turn it on when parked and it finds and peaks to the five satellites for the LNBs, takes less than 7 or 8 minutes and when you are ready to travel, turn it off and it stows automatically to about 10 inches high.

We had a newer version of the Winegard Traveler SWM3 installed on our 2018 Newport, so we have no use for this SK-3005 Sat Dish any longer. I have all the accessories, controller, & power supply for it, It is portable since we used this one on a board mounted platform. It works perfectly and we used 2 receivers on it all the time with great HD reception and DVR recording. Basically we get the same DirecTV viewing that we get at home.


05-31-2019, 07:11 AM
Please let us know when this is sold.