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    Sailun Tire Recall

    I was able to get four replacement tires installed today. Mine were the 3820 code. I feel fortunate to be able to find a tire dealership able to find the replacement Sailums.
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    Anderson brass valve froze up

    Follow up to inform that Anderson has sent me a replacement valve to replace the broken valve. My plan is to give this new valve a turn when I check out my rig while it is storage. Thanks for the replies to this post. Dumboldles
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    Anderson brass valve froze up

    May need to replace the whole valve system unless you can get it unstuck. Seems to be a design flaw that, I’m sure, we are going to see many others in the future with the same problem. Dumboldles
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    Anderson brass valve froze up

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll take care of this issue after we make it back to home base. I have informed Anderson about the issue. From now on I’ll make it part of checking on my rig to give the handle a turn. Here’s a photo of my system that hopefully gets us through our trip.
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    Anderson brass valve froze up

    I should have mentioned on my earlier post that it was an all brass unit that froze. I replaced the original plastic valve with the brass about a year one/half ago.
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    Anderson brass valve froze up

    I noticed that this topic has been brought up before but wanted to hear from folks that are smarter then me. First day out this year pulled into camp ground started doing the routine set up. Got to switching the valve from winterize to city and could not make the switch. Decided to get some...
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    Jim’s RV, Santa Clara Utah

    I had an excellent experience with Jim’s RV in Santa Clara, Utah. Had them repack the axils and actually had somebody figure out and fix my jack system that did the stop start routine when extending or retracting. While the wheels were off I rushed the tires over to a tire installer changed the...
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    Time to change out original tires

    Thinking it’s getting to that five year time period and looking to replace my g rated sailums. Are Sailums still the brand to go to? I’m satisfied with that Sailums that came with my coach and will probably go with this same brand unless there is a comparable alternative I should consider. Also...
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    Looks like we’re all done for the season, so we winterized the unit yesterday. All seemed to go smooth. Dumboldles
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    Let's visit this again...Lippert 6 point leveling issue

    Jerrod, went out and looked at the solenoid, I could see a screw on the top with a wire connected, assuming this is the connection point. I admit when it comes to mechanics this guy is pathetic, thanks for the information. Les
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    Let's visit this again...Lippert 6 point leveling issue

    Thanks Jerrod, that helps me a lot, was hoping that an artist would diagram it out like what you did. Les
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    Let's visit this again...Lippert 6 point leveling issue

    Hi folks, I also have this problem; I just changed out the breakers on the fuss bar with 50 amp breakers...made the mistake of telling my wife the start and stop problems were fixed. She obviously commended in a snarky way stating “thought you fixed it”. Anyway I have followed this...
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    4k UHD TV for 2016 Bighorn 3010re

    How did you guys remove the original tv from the stand? I needed to get into that area to check on the stereo speakers and found that I would need to remove the tv from the stand...I gave up because it was to darn awkward and the original screws were stripped. Dumboldles
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    New Recliner

    Thanks for the info because I have been looking into changing out my chairs for the type of chairs you put together. That pie pie sure looks good. Semper Fi and thanks for sharing. Dumboldles
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    Euro type recliner

    Thinking about replacing the original recliners with euro type recliners...any recommendations? Looking for quality, around the $500 limit and is comfortable for a 6’2” guy. Thanks, Dumboldles