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    Valor TPMS question

    I have the Valor TPMS that came with my 2015 Landmark Newport. The system seems to work when it wants to, it will pick up 1 tire then 2 then lose 1 then pick up 3, very sporadic.My question is what MHz are the Valor sensors? Are they 433MHz? I want to try and pair them to my new Chevy truck if...
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    2020 gmc tpms

    According to what I have read any tpms that is 433MHz will work with the Chevy system. See here
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    Bedroom TV

    I did the same thing.
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    Thermostat turns itself on?

    I didn't see any corrosion when I checked it last time. Should I just cut the ends and replace plugs or could the problem be in the wire?
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    Thermostat turns itself on?

    I have the same problem with one of my units. I keep my Newport plugged in at home also and 4 times now I have found this same unit running. Yesterday It was set on 85 but running when the temps were 30. I have taken the unit apart and checked the connections but I don't see anything wrong on...
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    Newport Cable TV hook up

    do you have the antenna booster turned off?
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    Ceiling fan switch / Extra switch to nowhere

    Could be the step light?
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    Landmark Phoenix

    Is the living room raised the same as the bedroom? I would like to see pictures of this one.
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    Replace carpet in Living area with flooring?

    Thank you I figured there might be some here and i searched but my searching skills leave a lot to be desired, okay they suck! I couldn't find any LOL.
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    Replace carpet in Living area with flooring?

    I am thinking about replacing the carpet in the living area of my Newport with flooring, any reason this cannot be done? I understand the need for the carpet in the slides to cover the seams. I have flooring in the kitchen and dining area but then it turns to carpet in the living area. Has...
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    Has anyone added a ceiling fan in the bedroom?

    Where did you get your fan? sounds like what I have been looking for.
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    Landmark Upgraded Entry Step Light

    Which unit do you have? Post the year and model and someone will be able to help you.
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    Bathroom in DRV Aire

    At least the faucets look like they reach into the bowls instead of what I have in my Newport, they barely make it to the edge.