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    I need a Service Tech in SE Texas

    I have used Duvall’s In Nederland, they have been good for me
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    Satellite Connection Problems - BIghorn 3160EL

    On my 3160 the sat connection for the living room is the third connector from the left, don’t know if that will help you but maybe
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    Where do I install solo node?

    I installed mine on the wall to the left in the UDC. Both coax from traveler in to node and coax to living room TV out of node.
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    Satellite TV question for 2018 RW 427

    If the TV is in a slide, I would look underneath the slide and find the coax, there is a connector under the trailer right inside the underbelly. Out of my three Heartlands two of them had bad connections at that point.
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    Mine didn’t
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    Why 4?

    One goes to living room, one goes to bedroom, and the other two go to the roof for traveler installation if you want to install one.
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    LCI remote control

    Ours operates the step light, maybe your bulb is burnt out
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/23/2018 to 3/25/2018

    Rally shirts yes, 1-3x and 1-large
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    Level up screen problems

    The screen on my level up shows nothing but vertical lines all the way across, it seems like all features of the system are working( retract and auto level) We are getting ready to pull out for a week long trip and this has me very confused, has anyone experienced this are even heard of this.
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    Satellite cable specifications

    We use the hopper and joey system in our Bighorn with no problem so evidently the factory cable is up to specs.
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    Swapping dish receiver

    Terry H installation is exactly the way ours is connected, the single nod is the only way everything will work as designed
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    ATF: Bighorn - Winegard Dish SK 1000 Installation

    You have to look on installation instructions for clearance, I can’t remember what it is but you have to have like a 42” circle or something like that for the traveler to acquire the signal
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    ATF: Bighorn - Winegard Dish SK 1000 Installation

    There should be a blank electrical plate in the ceiling of the bedroom, that’s where the coax and control wire is. I drilled my one inch hole directly above that cover and ran the wires straight up. The control wire has the end on it that plugs into dish.
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    Fuel $$$

    Diesel $2.45 here in the storm zone. We live less than a mile from the largest refinery in the USA (Motiva) and our son works there, they are starting back up now, usually takes about a week to get cranked up so I don't think prices will be bad long term.