I have a 2009 Sundance bought in March of 2008. I have a leak from the slide out that appears to be coming from the wheel splash. It has been brought to the dealer with no success 3 times. Now I have found a soft spot inside the camper where the original leak was found. The dealer no longer handles Sundance products. The warranty is no longer valid. I have receipts for all the work that was done to my camper. Where do I stand now that the warranty has expired. This is one of several issues we have had with our camper. One was a roof leak in the rear of the camper that hopefully was repaired. Two, the microwave was replaced three times (finally was repaired successfully). Three, the shower had a leak which was repaired by me. Four, the flush valve was replaced by me. I love my Sundance, but could not honestly recommend one to anyone else. We did not realize that the slide was still leaking until we went camping and we caught some rain. Is it too late to have this repaired under warranty being that this problen has existed from day one?