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Thread: RESOLVED - Eureka Yellow Jacket

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    RESOLVED - Eureka Yellow Jacket

    Anybody not using their vacuum and would like to get rid of it? I need a new circuit board for ours and have been unable to find one. Eureka doesn't support them anymore and referred me to another company who suggests replacing the whole unit. Thought I'd check here first.
    Please e-mail or PM me. Suggestions welcome.
    Hank Granse
    Port Orchard, WA

    2007 Bighorn 3055RL (s/n 5500)
    2006 Dodge 2500 Quad CTD SB 2WD

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    Re: Eureka Yellow Jacket

    Mel, quite often a PCB (printed circuit board) can be repaired. Often it is a power component which fries, like a SCR (silicon controled rectifier). Try looking in your local area for someone who does industrial electronic repairs. As a last resort, look at the board, is there a component that looks ugly ? It may be that one and only component that needs to be replaced. Email the OEM and ask them to send you a PCB (printed circuit board) schematic. Maybe you can repair the PCB and save some $. Often this stuff sounds more complicated then it really is and can be repaired for less then thought. Quite often it is the "boogey man" factor that scares us away. It's broke now, ya can't break it further so give my ideas a try. Tom
    Tom & Patti
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    Re: Eureka Yellow Jacket

    got to agree with tOm. I have fixed some boards myself. The parts can sometime be hard to find, but most of the time they are close to "off the shelf" parts. Email me if you need some help.
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    Re: Eureka Yellow Jacket

    The control board for my home central vac failed and I was able to get a board that would work with minor mods from a vacuum cleaner store. The mods were only for the mounting. I can't remember the price, but it wasn't expensive. The boards all work on the same principle. You could also bypass the board and install an on/off switch instead. I did this on my Eureka until it got fixed after a power surge.

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