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Thread: Brand New Elkridge - Roof leaking

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    Brand New Elkridge - Roof leaking

    Bought a brand new 2011 Elkridge and during recent rain discovered the roof was leaking in the front - probably where the roof connects with the fiberglass front at the seam - can this be fixed - some friends have said I should try and get a complete new unit - I have even had it out yet!

    Should I try to go thru my dealer or directly to Heartland.

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    Re: Brand New Elkridge - Roof leaking

    Since it under warranty, it is best to contact the dealer and Heartland Customer Service. Cover the damaged area with a tarp until it can be fixed.

    Pictures help understand the problem and how serious the problem is.
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    Re: Brand New Elkridge - Roof leaking

    Hi garydb, welcome to the forum. Not the best way to start though with the problem you are having. I have a couple of questions.
    How have you determined that the leak is in the roof? And have you been up there to look for anything obvious? Roof leaks do happen, but not very often.
    I most certainly would go to the dealer and see what they have to say. It may not be a roof leak. After they determine what the problem is, maybe a follow up call to the factory.
    Come back and let us know what the dealer has to say, and what the fix will be.
    Oh, and I think your friends are dreamers. Had to say that.

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    Re: Brand New Elkridge - Roof leaking

    Ditto what cookie & Boca said. I would contact both your dealer and Heartland. While not common, roof leaks do occur, in all brands. It might be something as simple as a clearance light or the front cap seam. Probably a very simple repair and once it's taken care of you won't have to be concerned any more.
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    Re: Brand New Elkridge - Roof leaking


    So sorry to hear you have some sort of a leak on your new unit. You've been given great advice here already. Get it into your dealer ASAP before further damage is done.


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    Re: Brand New Elkridge - Roof leaking

    Don't freak out. Heartland will take care of you. Take it in and have it fixed.

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    Re: Brand New Elkridge - Roof leaking

    Have had a 2011 Elkridge for just over a year and no roof problems....but it could happen to get it to your dealer or any Heartland dealer if on the road...may be wise to call Heartland as well for a "heads up".

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