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Thread: New Elkridge owner

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    New Elkridge owner

    My wife and I both camped alot as kids. Now that we are 50ish...we decided to try camping again. We just got a new 2011 27RLSS fifth wheel. Anyone else have a similiar unit out there? Hope we dont have alot of issue's with this unit.

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    Hi sengli,

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and Family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge if needed.

    Camping and RVing is a great way to see the country, enjoy the outdoors and just get-away from it all. You will meet some great folks along the way and make lots of great memories.

    Check out the "Portal Page" for rallies in your area where you can meet other Heartland Owners and also think about joining our Owners Club.

    Enjoy the forum and your new Elkridge.

    Jim M
    Jim and Bette
    04 GMC CC Dually D/A, MaxBrake, Riderights
    09 Bighorn 3670RL #9E011439
    Disc Brakes
    HOC #1003
    Heartland Owners Club Information

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    Congratulations on your new "condo on wheels". Elkridge is a great coach and you will have lots of fun meeting fellow RV'rs. Enjoy and travel safely.
    Nathan & Byrd
    BamBam (toy poodle)
    Home State: Tennessee
    HOC #1298
    2014 Ram 3500 drw
    2019 Landmark 365 Newport

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    We love our Elkridge and just got back from our last camping of the year. Next week it will get winterized. We have had almost zero problems with it.
    Gregg & Linda
    Gabe & Gunnar (Vizslas)
    2010 Ram 3500 Laramie 4X4
    DeeZee 40 gal in bed fuel tank

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    CO Campout June Rifle Gap SP. CO Fall Rally Sept. Colorado Springs
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    CO Sept. Rally Mancos, Moab Rally Utah.
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    2019 New Mexico Rally, CO Rally Ft. Collins

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    Sengli, welcome to the Heartland family forum! We love our ElkRidge! We have had a few issues, but nothing that has made us unhappy with our choice of units. Be sure to check your tires often for wear, as there are very few good trailer tires out there. Also ask lots of questions here, if you see something out of the ordinary. Often a small issue will come up, and other owners can help you out with solutions before you get upset. Don't be shy about the 1 year warranty, if it ain't right, get it looked at. Heartland does stand behind their products, and if the dealer gives you pushback, it's ok to talk to HL directly!

    Have fun and enjoy your ElkRidge!
    Erika Dorsey
    Texas - West Chapter Leader
    Erika & Tony with two traveling cats, Mambo and Tango
    2016 Big Country 4010RD
    2010 ElkRidge 34QSRL (gone)
    2008 NorthTrail 21FBS (gone)
    2016 GMC Sierra SLT 3500 crew cab, long bed, DRW, 4X4
    B&W Companion 20K hitch, Reese 5th Airborne Pin Box, 507 TST, Torklift Glowstep Revolution Steps,
    MorRyde SRE4000, Winegard Trav'ler, Furrion High-Speed Observation Camera, SmartPlug 50amp Connector
    Visit our blog at
    HOC #1733

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    We have the exact model as you. We bought ours in March of this year. We love ours! We had a few issues right off the bat, but so far so good. Still have the dimples in the floor where the recliner sat, which really irks me, but I guess nothing can be done! We took one recliner out and put in small plastic chair, and it is so much better. Enjoy yours

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    We also have the same unit (27RLSS). During our first year it seemed like it was at the dealer more than in our driveway, or out camping. Nothing really major, but my theroy was it's under warranty, why should I fix it? Warranty expired in April, in June we went to the rally in Goshen, left there, spent 1 day at home (KC,MO), then left to go workcamping on the Front Range in CO. We lived in it 24/7, and really didn't have any problems. It's amazing that we lived in 275 sq. ft. for about 4 months, and BOTH of us survived!!! Don't be shy about the warranty, use it!!! Also, like has already been stated, if you have any questions & can't get an answer ask the forum, you'll get answers here! Also, go to a rally, we went to our first ever in Goshen, and are hooked! We are going to try to be the first ones to sign up for the rally in Gillette! From what I've expirenced, Heartland is a great company, excellent customer service, and quality leaders heading the company.

    Roy & Sally Evans
    2011 Elk Ridge 27RLSS
    2010 2500 Dodge Big Horn 6.7L Cummins
    Heartland Owners Club # 1736

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    Thanks all for the replies. We bought ours in late october and got to use it three times before the weather turned south, in norther Indiana. When we got back from our last weekender since new, and there were several of the cabinet doors that popped off their hinge points on their own. I simply put them back, but I am seeing other threads where other people have experienced the wood cabinet doors splitting? Wow it has alot of storage cabinet space in this rig!

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    We are trading our current fiver in for a 2011 ElkRidge 34RLSA. We have only seen pictures of it since the unit is in another city here in AZ. All the financing is in place and it is currently on its way here. Our final decision is based on if we love it after actually seeing it. Tell me....other than the normal tweeks that need to be worked out over the first year of ownership how has your ElkRidge held up? We may be fulltiming in it for a few years, as we are now retired.

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    Re: New Elkridge owner

    We've had our Elk Ridge for 2 seasons and other than a few things (minor) after the first couple of trips, no problems. Have enjoyed it and can't wait til spring. Good Luck with the new toy
    Gerry and Debbie Atkinson
    Woodhaven, MI
    HOC #1750
    2015 Silverado 2500 DA Z71
    2017 Big Country 3560SS
    2011 Elkridge 34QSRL (retired)

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