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Thread: towing my car

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    Re: towing my car

    Well stated Tony. And you are absolutely right. A lot depends on conditions that can not be controlled or measured in a test or sterile environment. I really respect your real world experience. Only so much can be obtained in a laboratory. It takes real world testing and experience to get things right (5 years experience in the Army Research and Development environment showed me that!). I just get very worried when I see some of these rigs with a 4000 lb car/truck on an 800+ pound dolly, towed by a 34 foot 5th wheel with a hitch like some of the ones you just described. Actually, worried isn't the right word - scared would be better. My apologies for getting too defensive - been a long day. Look forward to more discussions with you on topics like this!

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    Re: towing my car

    No worries!

    Arrive safe and have fun! That's what we're all here to do.

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