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Thread: outside tread wear on left front tire

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    outside tread wear on left front tire

    Is anybody having any tire wear issues ? We have a 2009 sundance 3300sk and the right front tire is worn on the outside edge, have about 10,000 miles on the tires, other 3 look like brand new just right front showing toe in wear, like the axle isn't in straight, have not hit anything, always kept close check on air pressure

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    Re: outside tread wear on left front tire

    Id try moving that tire to a differiant location and watch the wear pattern on that axle. Rotating the tires every 5,000 miles helps too.
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    Re: outside tread wear on left front tire

    Most likely an alignment issue. That is the first tire to hit a curb on a right turn. That may be all it takes to slightly bend the axle. Try another tire in that position, if it starts to wear unevenly bring it to a heavy truck/trailer alignment shop. They can align it for under $200.00. Most RV dealers do not have the equipment to do this. They generally want to replace the axle for a lot more $$...Don
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