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Thread: I'm thinking Silverado 38QBS

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    I'm thinking Silverado 38QBS

    I think I've looked online at every bunkhouse at every dealer within 3 hours of me who knows how many times. The Silverado 38QBS seems to have everything I want except the 6 point leveling. So what is the deal with the Silverado and the Elkridge models..... I like the price but compared to other bunkhouse manufactures the prices seem really cheap. Forest River has the Sandpiper model in the same price range that I walked thru and I was not impressed at all. So, Silverado owners help me out..... about a 3 hour drive to walk thru one unless this other closer dealer gets one in.

    What's the Heartland order of quality and where does the Silverado fit in. If I go new this could be the one and if not I may have to look at 2013 to 2014 models. Thanks, Jeff

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    Re: I'm thinking Silverado 38QBS

    Silverado and ElkRidge are probably similar, at one time Silverado was originally called "Silverado by Bighorn", and was positioned to be "Bighorn-like". However, they are now positioned as their own brand and I think do not have the same amenities as Bighorn.

    Silverado and ElkRidge are the step below the luxury line of Landmark, Bighirn, Big Country). They are probably similar to a the Montana.

    ElkRidge and Silverado are not built for full-time living, probably targeted to the recreational user. This means not as much insulation, not as heavy a frame or construction, not as many bells and whistles, not a large fridge, not as large of tanks.

    This does not mean less quality, as many rvs are constructed with similar components.

    You might look at the Gateway line as well... a few more bells and whistles, but still a step below the luxury big 3.

    If you buy one without level-up, you might consider adding it aftermarket. (4-6k). Or add Electric leveling system such as Ground Control, (3-4k).
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    Re: I'm thinking Silverado 38QBS

    I would check out all 3 bunkhouse models. Gateway, Elkridge and Silverado have different tweaks they added to make the units just a little different. TV placement, bunkroom layout, 2nd bathroom placement. All a little different. We would take any of them in a heartbeat, but we liked certain things better than others. One thing I can say, they are Long. A few inches shy if 42'. Lots of room and storage but lots of length to haul around. Picked ours up from a dealer in Richmond Virginia.

    Good luck in your search.
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