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Thread: M32 - Spare Tire Relocation Info

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    M32 - Spare Tire Relocation Info

    We decided to move the spare tire from the rear bumper to the A-frame to make room for our four-bike rack when we first bought our new trailer last July.

    Hitch weight is okay when using the Pro-Series WD hitch 49902 (750 lbs) with our Ford Expedition.

    Final solution/steps:

    • Removed the spare tire frame/holder and discarded.
    • Added a hitch adapter from Amazon (used same model on prior trailer, works well)
    • Bought an ~$60.- tire winch from Amazon to raise/lower the spare tire (same as SUV undercar winches)
    • Used a 10-inch segment of C-channel to reinforce front t-frame.
    • Added some cut kickboard foam between tire and frame to avoid abrasions.

    Been driving about 800 miles with no issues. Only thing we cannot use is the spare tire cover, we are just maintaining the rubber the same way as the driving ones.
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