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Thread: Heartland Mallard M-26 Winter Cover - Need info. Please?

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    Heartland Mallard M-26 Winter Cover - Need info. Please?

    Looking for the best winter cover for a 2017 Mallard M-26.

    Was hoping some members had one they could recommend..........

    Thanks in Advance.

    Jack & Lee T.

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    Re: Heartland Mallard M-26 Winter Cover - Need info. Please?

    Hi Jack,
    Not going to find many that recommend covers on here. Most don't bother.

    I try and cover my North Trail when we have extended periods between trips. We have bought a Classic cover previously; they are inexpensive and do a good job but don't last too long. We made ours last for 2 seasons before it tore. We recently purchased an Adco Tyvek cover that is warranted for 3 years. We think it should last at least 4 years.

    We bought ours through camping world as it was on sale and free shipping. But I recently saw it on for a much better price (about $40 cheaper). Too late for me but hopefully you can take advantage.


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    Re: Heartland Mallard M-26 Winter Cover - Need info. Please?

    Covers are not a good idea in wet climates. If you leave it on all winter there will be a moldy mess to clean off the roof in the spring. If you get a cover, get a good one. Check out Calmark

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