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Thread: New pioneer QB300RV issues

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    New pioneer QB300RV issues

    Really excited to start using the trailer. Unfortunately we are running into a few issues beginning with the screen door not even close to latching along with the ac not being able to maintain an 80 degree temp in high 80 degree weather. The unit is a 13.5 k in a 34 ft unit. Seems too small for the area. We can work around this but when we began closing up to take back to storage we found that several of the decals were starting to show small bubbles on the underside. We had purchased this 3 days ago and had brought home to check it out. We are really trying hard to feel good about this purchase but currently disappointed. Anyone else having any issues like this? Thanks for your time.

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    Re: New pioneer QB300RV issues

    Welcome to the forum! We have a 36' with a 15k unit and it keeps it "tolerable" inside. If your unit is ducted, make sure the grille is closed at the unit so the air flows through the ducts. I'm sure some others will have more suggestions.

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