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Thread: Satellite TV

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    Re: Satellite TV

    I change locations 3 or 4 times a week when I'm traveling. I must make a telephone call because I use the Hopper and Joey for my equipment and it can't be done online with Takes about ten minutes for the channels to be changed.
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    Re: Satellite TV

    Yes, but the one caveat to that is that if you have a DVR at home that you will use to record channels while you are gone won't record if you go outside your service area and have to change your service address to get the satellite channels if you travel more than about 300 miles from your home address.


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    Re: Satellite TV

    We also travel with a full size dish on a tripod we set up every time we move, for local channels I put up the bat wing antenna. Usually that will pull in all local channels. Directv Dish will usually receive channels above 67 but nothing below. I just switch the input on the living room tv between the antenna and the HDMI. But in the bedroom we do not have that ability with our current set up. Only one cable to the bedroom TV and it is switched in the front closet by moving the coax. I could put a switch but really not a big deal for us. Check out the site they have some great products. We have been using their tripod and dish for years with no issues.

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    Re: Satellite TV

    I recently dumped my home cable service and went to Dish who I have had for our RV for years. Here is what changed. My cost for TV and phone dropped $60/month. My Dish rate for 120+ channels is $80/month. The best benefit is my RV now cost me $7/month per z211 receiver by adding to my home account, plus by going to myDish I can activate at my convenience. In addition, by using the Wingard Pathway X2 sat dish my satellite locating is automatic and my wife can watch tv in the bedroom while I am in the living area. The only downside to the Pathway is that she has to watch programming on whatever satellite the living room sat box is pointed at. Most of the time she gets what channels she likes.

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