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Thread: California Ford F-150 TV Commercial

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    California Ford F-150 TV Commercial

    I have been lately been seeing a TV commercial by the California Ford dealers for the F-150 stating: "It can pull the largest trailers and boats" . Has the towing capacity been greatly increased on the F-150?? I did a search on You Tube for the exact commercial, but couldn't find it. I did find a similar commercial stating the F-150 could tow up to 13.200 lbs. Pretty impressive for a half ton, but still not up to our 5th wheels GVW. With a 5th wheel the standard 20% of the GVW on the pinbox, 13200 trailer GVW would be putting 2640 lbs on the bed of this 1/2 ton.

    I can just see the poor RV newbie who goes out and buys one of these trucks thinking "It can pull the largest trailers and boats", buys a big 5th wheel, then learns he does not have enough truck.
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    Re: California Ford F-150 TV Commercial

    Pulling is one thing. Safely stopping it at freeway speeds is another. Seen enough tails wagging the dog out there.

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    Re: California Ford F-150 TV Commercial

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    Re: California Ford F-150 TV Commercial

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    Thatís funny.

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