2013 Cyclone 2812 Weather Guard Thermal Protection Question

I have a 2013 Cyclone 2812 with the Weather Guard Thermal Protection Package. I am planning on taking the unit for a few days this weekend up in the Colorado high country. We are expecting temps in the low to mid 20's at night and 40-55 degrees during the day. I have not used the unit before in cold temps, has anyone here had any issues in similar conditions? Does the Weather Guard Thermal Protection Package work well? I know I will have to run the furnace more to keep the under belly warm.
Thanks for any shared experiences and have a good day!


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Hi Michael,

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"Weather Guard" is a sticker by the entry door and is a marketing term that means it's possible to keep the interior of the living area warm in cold weather, principally by running the furnace as much as necessary.

Keeping the water running in sub-freezing weather is completely different.

If your Cyclone has the YETI package, an option at time of order, that includes holding tank heating pads and heat tape on the portion of the fresh water line to the pump that runs through the underbelly. There's also some additional insulation in front and rear caps.

The forecast for Breckenridge, in Summit County, CO (9200' ASL) is actually fairly mild this week. Overnight lows are forecast to be around freezing, so you shouldn't have any problems with your water systems if you run the furnace. You should check the forecast for the location you're planning to visit.

However, if you have a water feed line to the refrigerator, and the refrigerator is in a slide room, the water feed line is probably routed under the slide floor and is exposed to outside air. You'll want to close the valve to the feed line (possibly under the kitchen sink) and evacuate the water from the line to the fridge.

If your rig has the YETI package you should be able to camp in much colder weather, but may have to do a few extra things to keep the water running. Consult our owner-written Water Systems Winter Usage Guide.

Also note that you won't get a lot of hot air from the furnace vent in the garage. If using that for living space, you'll need to supplement with electric heat.
Thanks for the info danemeyer! No Yeti package on this unit unfortunately, and no water line for fridge so we are good on that front. I am glad I asked about this. Forecast is definitely mild with just one day/night looking colder. Once again I appreciate your help on this!
Have a good day!