2019 Oshkosh Slide Out floor rotting


2019 Oshkosh. The big bedroom slide which houses the slide in slide bottom flooring where rollers are is rotting. Heartland had stainless steel sheets (where rollers were gouging into the plastic membrane covered board) put in after one year when we first noticed the rollers were damaging the board. As time went by we started noticing the board become wet and rotting and couldn't figure out how/why it was getting wet. Turns out the facia along the outer bottom slide out is separating and causing water to flow in and soaking the board. We've had two estimates done and the cost to fix is huge. Heartland says they will cover under the 3 year structural providing it can be determined that the damage is due to a manufacturing defect. Seems to us that the outer facia (framing) should have more screws to hold it into place as ours seems to be sagging thus separating the facia from the outer wall. We've used silicon as a temporary fix but isn't helping. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, did Heartland help???page8image51743792 page8image51745456


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It is a common problem with these slides where the factory used that black aluminum trim with a thin layer of putty tape and a few screws. Our 2017 CY bedroom slide had the same problem within 9 months of our ownership....rain hits the side and wicks into the plywood edge. Pretty sure factory used indoor plywood instead of necessary outdoor plywood...the laminating glues are completely different.

I didn't even contact the dealership about it, and since we didn't want to take the cross-country trip for fixing it under warranty (if they even accepted the claim), we repaired and bullet-proofed ours. Even repaired the livingroom slide, and sealing the same way so water will not get to the wood edge ever again.


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Water intrusion on these slideouts are such a pain in the butt. Had to replace part of the slideout floor on our previous travel trailer. On our 2021 Milestone, it took me a good month to get the galley slide to stop leaking on the corners. Hopefully I got to it in time before it did any damage.

If Heartland ends up not covering the repair, there are quite a few YouTube videos documenting the process. Could be a DIY job if you are handy.

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2018 Cyclone, same thing. Rotted all to crap. Took pics, sent to Heartland, spoke to several people all ended up saying that my pics did not prove a manufacturing defect. They know it is! Horrible design. .....
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