38Rsrt panel buttons

Hi just purchased a 2015 38RSRT and am slowly familiarizing myself with it. There is an on/off toggle switch beside the slideout switch at the top of the panel and I have no idea what it does. Any ideas? Also how do I get behind the hot water heater?

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Hi FlyCanadianGuy,

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One possibility on the switch is to switch power to the outside outlet by the awning. That lets you hang lights on the awning and turn them on and off from inside.

On the water heater, I'm not familiar with your floor plan, but on many, you have to unscrew the panel on the rear wall of the pass-through basement storage. If you have a Universal Docking Center (UDC), there may be a couple of screws in there. On the other edge of the panel, you can usually locate the screws under the felt by using a magnet.


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Awning lights? Or maybe the lights behind the outdoor steps. That is what our toggle switches are for.

The on/off switch beside the slideout toggle. What is that for? Listening to the fuse panel it seems to draw as much if not more electricty as the electric hot water heater.... Not awning or outdoor step light as those are different switches

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