5th Wheel Hitch for the Landmark Augusta


I have recently ordered a Landmark Augusta 5th Wheel. I also own a F4500 TV.

When looking at 5th wheel hitches to put in the back on my truck to support this I wanted to go to a 20K rated unit. However I have discovered that they come in different height adjustments. Can someone recommend a 5th wheel hitch for my set up or tell me how I should measure to determine the one I need. I see they only adjust about 4 inches so I don't want to get a low profile one if it wont be high enough for the unit when it comes in. Since I haven't received the 5th wheeler yet I am not sure how high up it sits and even if I did have it not sure the proper way to measure it.

I am a total greenhorn when it comes to 5th wheelers and towing them in general. I purchased a F450 because I figured it could handle any trailer I had decided to get. I hope to go Full timing before the end of summer. I just want to make sure I have everything I need before the trailer arrives.


Leonard and Mary Holstin
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Hi Leonard and Mary,

Welcome to the Heartland Family and Heartland Forum. The forum is full of nice people and lots of information.

I'm sure someone will jump in here and give you the information you need. I would venture a guess, but I think the F450 has a deeper bed than what was called standard for many years on the trucks.

Jim M


I am buying an Augusta for my Dodge dually to tow around and I put a Hi-Jacker 21K in it. It has various adjustment levels but when you combine them with the trailer pin box adjustment you shouldn't have problem adjusting. Your dealer should be able to help you get it set up. I don't think there will be a problem.


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I transport RVs professionally.

I'm currently running a Curt Q5 20K fifth wheel on my '04 Ram 3500 dually and love it. It's a pretty popular fifth wheel with the transporter crowd, easy to use, easy to maintain, looks good and reasonably priced. I run mine at the top height adjustment holes, trailers straight from the factory seem to ride level right here and have about 8"-10" clearance from the bed sides. The bed sides on my F350 and Ram 3500 were both 19" high from the bed floor.

Bought mine from etrailer.com I called my order in to make sure they had the correct brackets for mine and had everything within a couple days.

When I ran an '06 Ford F350 I used the 23k Putnam Firehawk II fifth wheel gooseneck combo. Loved it for what I do but they don't fit the frame of the newer Dodges because they don't fit a standard fifth wheel rail mount and did need to weld one bracket on the Ford because of the shock mount in the way.

Here's the setup I run.

- 91 gallon RDS Aux tank from Northern Tool
- Kobalt Chest from Lowes
- Curt Q5 20k fifth wheel
- Drawtite Gooseneck plate
- Northern tool over the rail 48" box on the back of the bed (makes getting stuff you actually need to get to easy vs getting into the front box under the trailer.
- In bed 7 way recepticle
- No tailgate. Is a PITA and gets old really fast if you move a lot.
- Full mudflaps front and rear
- Ultraguard 70" x 16" skirt to keep the rocks off the trailer
- Curt 10k round bar WD hitch (hope you don't need this for your fiver, if you do your in serious problems LOL:eek:)

I use a caribiner/ snap hook to connect the breakaway cable (fast and simple) and keep a bungee on the left side of the bed to keep the pigtail where I want it away from the fifth wheel handle.

I also use a welded on teflon lube plate on the fifth wheel head now (not shown in pics). Can't remember who makes them but Dan's Service center in Elkhart has them for about $35 IIRC and will ship them to you. Easy to weld on.

Hope this helps. Best wishes to you and yours on your new lifes adventure:)







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That's a cool setup you have. Talk about maximizing your bed space :) Dan's Hitches is great. They did a bunch of stuff to my 2005 RAM for me, getting it outfitted to pull my first 5er in 2005.



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Thank's Jim. This setup is overkill for most and is absolutly worthless when shopping lumber or a pallet of landscaping bricks at Lowe's LOL but works really well for dragging trailers around and my own camping with the Family.

Dan's is great to deal with. I highly recommend them. Really like the small shop in Wakarusa. Seen them open early and stay late and even open the shop back up when they were closing up and walking out the door just to help a customer many times.


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We use a 20.5K Pullrite Super Fifth...the main reason we like Pullrite compared to many others is the Locking Jaw mechanism. It is one piece (instead of the two jaws that "meet" each other behind the pin), which wraps completely around the pin. This makes it impossible for the jaw to malfunction and open up, thereby releasing the pin by accident.

When this unit locks...you know it, you can hear AND you can see it...no question! As with other Pullrite products, it's not inexpensive. But in this case, paying for the peace of mind when towing is worth every penny!!