ATF: Edge - Owners manuals and plumbing specs


I recently purchased a 2017 Edge 351. I didn't receive half of the manuals for equipment in the unit and Nobody that I have spoke to from dealer or Heartland can tell me how many gallons the #1 and #2 black and grey tanks hold. Online specs only show one hold tank each but I have 2 discharges. Can someone help me out on this issue. All manuals found online and jump drive given are 2015.


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The Heartland trailer manuals are pretty generic and are updated infrequently. They don't get into the details of each model/floorplan.

If you don't hear from another 2017 Edge 351 owner, you can call Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032 / 574-262-8030. Have your VIN # ready. They can tell you what's what.

As for manufacturer manuals for appliances and subsystem devices, we have a large collection of manuals on the forum. Click on the TOOLS tab near top of page and select HOM - Heartland Owners Manuals. There's a pretty good chance we have anything that didn't come with your Edge. If not, most manufacturers have appliance manuals available for download. If you find one we don't already have, please forward it to so we can get it posted.