ATF: Landmark - 2018 Landmark Newport midyear changes


The 2018 midyear Newport has a way too small shower that was installed with the front bath makeover.

What is the shower fix?

We discussed the front closet heat load and ventilation with another member while at Goshen.

Is the ventilation in the front closet going to be addressed as well? Was engineering made aware of this?

Is there a chance of going back to original fireplace (convex versus concave)
We feel the new style fireplace looks out of place and much prefer the previous version.

Any thought given to going with the Wingard Rayzar TV antenna over the King Jack antenna?
After having a King antenna fail internally and then having it ripped off the roof, an antenna without a high profile would be better suited.

Either back to the bat wing or perhaps a much better option, the Wingard Rayzor automatic antenna. This antenna is low profile and automatic operation.

And as long as engineering has the trailer back, have them figure in some true pocket doors for the bedroom.

The cousin to the Newport, the DRV 39FB has true pocket doors and looks great (and is 2' shorter overall).