Audio Upgrades Mallard M26 - Subwoofer and Exterior Speakers


Adding a powered sub-woofer made a huge difference in the quality of sound. I placed the sub-woofer in the master bed storage compartment. I drilled holes in the entertainment center's back wall and into the master bed frame to run power and the audio RCA. I then drilled a hole inside the entertainment center into the compartment holding the radio. So, unless the entertainment center's cabinet door is open, you can't see the wiring. A paddle bit with extension, cordless drill and some patience.

I replaced the Furrion exterior speakers with Polk DB522. The Furrion is a 5" speaker and the Polk DB522 is a 5 1/4"; however, the mounting holes are identical. The only issue is the Polk speakers are deeper so they do not sit flush against the camper like the Furrion. I caulked around the speakers and after that dried, I added another layer of caulk. Use clear caulk. Again, the sound is much better. The Polk's bass didn't wow me but everything else was much better. Since the mounting depth was a concern, I installed one Polk and left the one Furrion in so that I could test the differences. Night and day!!!! It was impressive enough that I stuck with the Polks and will examine the caulk to make sure it doesn't leak.