Awning cap rotated to wrong place


I just bought a sunshade for the awning on our 2010 Landmark. I went to install it by sliding it into the accessory slot on the roller but I could not get it on. The cap has a slot on it that I assume is supposed to be lined up with the accessory slot but the people who replaced our awning a few years ago put the cap back on so that it did not line up.

My question is, what is involved in removing the cap and turning it the right way around? I am afraid to try because I might not get it back together. Should I just call the local RV repair place? I moved away so bringing it back the the original place isn't practical.


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You need to be very careful about removing the end cap.The awning is spring loaded and if you do not lock the correct end with a cotter pin/ bolt to ensure it doesn’t unwind then you will be in trouble.Your motor shouldbe on the right side of the awning when looking at your unit,this means that you will need to lock the other end cap in order to prevent it from unwinding.There are small openings in the end cap,you must hand turn your awning until you can look through the slot and see out the other side,once this is achieved,you can lock it with the cotter pin from one slot to the other.If your not comfortable then I would suggest getting a mobile tech.
Awnings are under a substantial amount of tension.


I suspected as much. I have a call in to a remote RV service company.

Am I correct that the people who replaced the awning messed up? Those two slots are supposed to line up, right?
You could take a Dremel tool and cut a slot in the end cap.
In fact that's pretty much what someone in the campground here suggested and will do for me as I don't have the tool.