Batteries not charging


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I installed 2 new batteries on the rv. Wires are installed correctly, but now my batteries are not charging properly. A few days after I installed the batteries, the transformer that powers the rv park we were in exploded and the park was with out power. Jacks, Slides don't want to work unless the RV is hooked to my truck for power. Looked for a reset button on my buss bar breakers, but don't see any there or anywhere else. Could have been a power surge or anybody know what else to check?
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One of the 12V DC mini-circuit breakers has a teeeeeeny tiny reset button. Picture attached. Look at the buss bar and locate the thick wires. One goes to hydraulics and the other goes to the power converter. The power converter breaker is the one that has the reset button. The breakers are usually covered by red rubber boots. You may have to remove the boot to get to the reset button.

You can check voltage on the levelup control panel. If on shore power, as soon as the breaker resets, voltage will jump up to between 13.2 and 13.6V DC, or possibly higher.


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The converter is located behind the storage bay wall most likely near the backside of the water heater, furnace, and water pump.