Bedroom slide seals.


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I have a Heartland Big Country 3950FB. The vertical"flipper" style gaskets have ripped and torn from the side of the bedroom slide and need to be replaced. They seem to be attached to a flat metal bar that is attached to the edge of the slide cutout itself. I hope I have explained this properly. Has anyone had this problem and replaced these gaskets? Does the slide itself need to be removed? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I figured it out. The seal is fitted into a channel in the metal bar. Thanks all.

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The seals on ours are all the same all around the slide out BR slide enclosure, and they have a single screw on either end of that seal to lock in it in place...and it slides out of the track it is mounted in.

A lot of these seals can be bought from:
Hi Dave.
The question I have is how do you do the inside one.
I purchased the seal you told me about, and plan on doing it this Winter when we go South.
I know you did them all, but forgot to ask you about the inside seal replacement, outside is easy.



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I just put the slide in or out until I was able to reach them. Our bedroom has as sliding door into the bathroom so I was able to reach the seal from there. The other seal was reached while working from the walk in closet.
One of mine was laying on the floor and the other was about 1/2 off.