I purchased a new 2022 Prowler 256RL. The manufacturer's build list states "back-up camera prep". Please note. That means that there is a black plastic cover with a hole behind it on the back of the trailer. There is no wiring to the area. In multiple discussions with Heartland support, I was told that there is wiring, but no fuse is installed. I have use a endoscope camera to view the whole area inside the ceiling. There is no wiring.


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Get an e-mail address for who you are dealing with at Heartland Service, and send them digital photos from your endoscope exams.
Also ask to talk to the Prowler product manager.

Is there clearance light near the covered hole? If so, maybe that is what they expect you to connect a wireless (RF link) camera to.
I no longer have the pictures. I used the clearance light wiring for power. My contact at Heartland was I was disappointed because I knew I was going to add the camera. The build list and Prowler brochure say "Backup Camera Prep." According to the service rep at Heartland this does not mean backup camera pre-wire.


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Sometine in 2017-18 Heartland went from pre-wired(hot) to wiring into the clearance lights. I have a 2018 model year & it was prepped for the Furrion system(hot wired into the garage vent fan). I just tapped into the clearance light like you did.
I just think that Heartland should make it clear in their advertising. The representative did not have any information regarding the wiring and was little help.


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The rep didn't have any info on the wiring because nobody does. It's a RV thing, no wiring diagrams and no clue.

Yep same here bought 2022 prowler, sales people all said prewired fir backup camera and the winegard router, neither were done at factory. Luck caught backup camera before I left, so dealer fixed it for me. Now I'm working to fix the winegard. As you said, dont advertise one thing and do another


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Same here except it was about an inverter. Was told it was included, after purchase "Oh there's no inverter for this model, sorry". The dealer lied imagine that?