Bighorn Refrigerator Water Leak


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I found water leaking from the slide under where the refrigerator is. I shut the water off at the valve under my rv sink and it stopped. I need a new water line, so how do I go about getting Heartland to warranty this (rv 1 yr old) and get a new line put in. Also can I get the braided stainless 1/4 " line that Lowe's sell put in as the replacement?


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Just call and tell them the problem and they will ship you one. But your second idea is better.

You might, during the fix, figure out some way to make it easier to winterize.


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Winterize.. what's that, I live on Marco Island

After trying to fix this a couple of times, I came to the same conclusion as many other RVers that the RV refrigerator icemaker is too problem prone, and takes too long to make ice. Also it won't dump any ice without AC power (being hooked up to shore power). Many of us have purchased freestanding tabletop (or floor standing) icemakers for about $100. These make 12 round cubes in 12 minutes, and keep repeating until the ice container is full. You pour water into a reservoir, so there is no water line. Here is an example from Walmart:


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Then when the little basket in the portable is full, you dump it into the ice maker in refrigerator and just keep filling it up. You still have ice through the door but without the water line problems. We've done this since the second week of ownership when That same line broke and flooded the slide.


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Thanks for reminding me. It's time to dump our four ice trays' worth of ice into the icemaker bin and refill the trays with water.