I have a 3650 Big Country pulled with a 2012 6.7 F350 and am interested in what others set there trailer brakes when traveling mountain passes. I am planning a trip and am a little nervous about 1st time over Wolf Creek


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Based on my experience with my 2012 Ford you will most likely need to be at 10. The older built in brake controllers were not as efficient as the newer units. Also make sure your trailer brakes are adjusted properly. This will help and use tow Tow / Haul mode.


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I live near Wolf Creek and have towed up and down many times. Engine braking and low gear is the key to getting down safely. You MUST keep your speed down in the 30-35 MPH range. As speed increases to 40, apply brakes for a few seconds to get speed back down to 30. If you try to manage the descent primarily with the brakes, you'll smoke them and will be out of control.


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Regardless of the grade, planning at the top before the descent begins is the key. If I’ve never traveled it prior I err on “it’s steeper than ****” side. If you try to adjust by hard braking part way down you’ll burn up your front rotors first then what are going to do?
I let the truck do the work. 2012 F350. Tow/haul mode. Second gear. It doesn’t hurt letting the engine “scream” a bit descending. Tap the brakes occasionally to control the speed.
Disc brakes on the BH set at 6.5 or 7. If traffic builds behind me, so what. We’ll all get to the bottom eventually


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I also use the exhaust brake, it's on all the time when towing. I manually downshift two gears lower than whatever gear I went up the hill before I reach the summit. I try not to tap the brakes unless I have to as that will dump the cruise control. If I do I resume cruise control asap.


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I never drive my 2010 Ram 3500 DRW without using the exhaust brake. Over the years, it has saved me a lot of money on brake jobs.


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I would not adjust the brake controller based on steep declines. As others have said, the engine breaking from your truck will do most of the work. I am towing with a 2011 F350, we just drove from Rapid City, SD to Glacier National Park and just got to Yellowstone today. Even on the steepest inclines, I only had to tap the brakes a few times to keep the speed in check, the engine breaking took care of the majority of the work.

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