Can I add a receiver hitch to my 2018 Elkridge e261?

Hi - I just put $ down on a 2018 Elridge e261. Love the unit! BUT we are going to double tow (we live in a state where it is legal) so need to have a receiver hitch for a 14' trailer (carries RZR XP4 1000) welded on.

Is the chassis strong enough to weld a receiver hitch on that will handle that trailer and SxS?


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Some people have done this. Is it strong enough for a good welding job and a good receiver hitch to stay in place? Probably. But an Elkridge probably has a 10" frame where larger trailers may have a 12", stronger frame. Many of the people who have done this have the larger frame, so their experience may not apply directly to your situation.

Strong enough that the trailer frame isn't damaged? Lippert makes the frames and they will flatly tell you they don't support adding a receiver hitch.

Should you care about Lippert's position? Although a 2018 is long out of warranty, if your trailer develops a frame problem, there's some possibility that Heartland and Lippert would, as a goodwill accommodation, try to help you. However, if you add a receiver hitch, they will simply advise that you are out of warranty and that will be the end of it.