Canning while on the road?


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Well, not really on the road but at a full hook-up site with space around you...I want to can up a lot of the fruits and veggies in one of the best places they are grown since I'll be working in the fields as it is. Problem is I still use my Grandma's pressure cooker, its heavy and would bow the gas top not to mention drain the propane in short order. I was thinking of getting a gas cooker like the ones people use for deep frying turkey's and use that outside instead...has anyone tried this?

The best part is I can box them up and store them at my parents then have them ship box #(whatever) to where I am so I won't have to try to haul a ton of canned food. Its just the canning part I'm trying to figure out, any ideas would be a huge help.

Thanks! :)


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I would think the deep fry turkey cooker burner would go through propane very quickly. On my Gateway I have a pipe on the outside that is being supplied by my FW 30 gallon propane bottles, don't know if the BC has that as well.

What about an induction cook top? They make portable ones and use an electromagnet to heat; so if you have an iron or steel pressure cooker it should work. Here is what I found about that on the internet: Cast iron, even enamel-coated cast iron, are suitable. So are many stainless steel pans. I understand that they heat up very fast so with a pressure cooker you might have to be careful. I just don't know how much they cost or how much weight a portable one could take.


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I used my "turkey fryer" to make up a large batch of homemade salsa, and then boil the canning jars to seal the lids. Never came close to using up my 5 gallon tank. It worked fine.....go for it!


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Thanks ICamel! Since its a heavy cast iron one once you load it with jars and water you have to have a sturdy surface. From what I can tell, the turkey cookers have a good regulation on heat to it opposed to the gas range top in the unit, pretty much know I'd run through one of the two 40lb bottles just to can a few batches since it would take having two burners on to maintain pressure.
The nice thing about doing it outside is the pick nick table is right there as well so I can reach right from the canner and set them on the table to cool and seal.

I keep it in good shape and have had the regulator on the cooker replaced every couple of years, its probably going to outlast me as well ;)


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The turkey fryers have a 15-20 min auto shut off. Supposed to stop stupid people from burning the house down but can be a thorn for canners. We have a double burning 60,000 BTU camp stove with wide base which is more stable. You have to watch the temp on the high btu units. One of our canning pots says on it not to use with the portable high btu units because it can warp the pot. I just watch the heat.

Whatever you use make sure it has a sturdy base, adjustable heat and it would be helpful to have sides so pot doesn't get bumped off.

We have a $20 black pot (made in usa) from Wal-Mart for the small batches of things that only need water bath method. We are using this today on the rv stove to process blueberries and peaches. We use an electric water pot to bring water to a boil and then put in the stove pot that can keep the heat up but would take to long to bring to a boil without assistance.

We only bring out the large set up if we are canning a lot. Or if we are processing fish.


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Thanks for the tip Duane. Most soft fruits and veggies only need 10-12 minutes which is why I'm thinking a turkey cooker would work pretty well. The larger camp stoves are a bit pricey and I don't plan on any proteins, just fruits and veggies.


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My turkey fryer does not have the auto shut off. I carry it with me as well as all my canning stuff. The fryer is kinda a PITA with the pressure cooker because you can't turn the. Heat down to a small burn very easy. You have to constantly adjust the flame and it has to be turned down so low that a slight breeze blows it out. It works fine for hot water bath.