Cloning Jensen Remote to Dish Network Remote

I've tried every code in the book as well as the manual process for teaching my Dish Satelite remote control how to learn the various keys on the Jensen TV remote. The Dish tech could not do it either. Help


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I have no idea why but our Dish remote will work the bedroom TV but not the living room one and I've tried the single scan method through all the codes. Go figure.


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At this time, we are not aware of any codes and/or hardware combinations that work with Dish Network equipment and our JENSEN TV line. It's possible newer Dish Network equipment may support our TV remote information, however, this is the latest information we have.

"Universal" remote controls are pre-programmed from the remote manufacturer. These remote manufacturers need to gather the IR coding information from the electronics manufacturer and include that information in their database.

Most "universal" remote controls will not be compatible with our TVs. The reason is that the "universal" remote manufacturers typically do not include products made specifically for mobile applications as their primary use is for home products. As our TVs are one of the few brands of TVs designed specifically for mobile use (RVs, Vans, Boats, Buses, etc.), our IR coding is most often not included when they create their IR coding database for their "universal" remote.

One solution is to use a "learning" remote control. This will allow you to "teach" the remote any IR coding from any IR remote capable product, regardless of whether the product was included in the remote manufacturer's IR database. This is typically done by aiming the original remote at the IR window of the learning remote and capturing the IR command from the original remote for each command allowing the learning remote to repeat these commands. Note: This is not the same as allowing your Dish Remote to manually cycle through all available codes stored in its memory.

If your Dish Network remote is a learning-type and did not successfully learn any of the functions, there may be a compatibility issue with how the Dish remote handles the IR signal’s preamble. So far, we are not aware of Dish Network supplying a true learning remote, only universal remotes.

If you happen to come across a code and hardware combination for Dish Network that works with your JENSEN TV, we would appreciate it if you can pass that info along so we can better assist others.

For your reference, the "X-digit codes" are just reference numbers to the actual IR coding stored in the universal remote's database. It is not the actual IR information needed.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.


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I never got my home Direct TV controller to recognize my Samsung TV. Used two different remotes for almost 3 years. Switch to FIOS recently and "VIOLA", began working on the FIOS remote almost immediately. Go figure...