Creating temporary skirting from free or cheap sources


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No pictures yet but should have some up in the next week or so.
I was looking at various skirting from pre-made to buy the material and DYI. The latter gave me an idea that is far less expensive than paying $1.49 a sq ft not including temporary snaps.
Since we still have the sheds to clear out fully, I checked and measured one of those 10x20 tents we bought at Costco years ago. The top collapsed one winter under heavy snow and our neighbors who had a similar one collapsed as well. I kept the poles and tent material, it was still in excellent shape.

After measuring the 'sides' they are 40' long by 8' high with the front being a 2 piece zipper 8' wide and one piece 'back' 8' wide. Perfect! Off to HD, they had the same DYI snaps for .39¢ each (though I might use velcro, haven't decided on that yet) with the straight poles and tension rods all bundled up from two tents, that way I can make sure the bottom is tight and straight and won't tear off if the wind kicks up.
Further checking...its the same material advertised on DYI sites!

While colors can vary of white, beige, tan and green you could probably find the sides at least off Craigslist or any local publication for free or very little cost. Locally I've found many people have had the tops cave in over time and they don't know what to do with the rest, most are signs by the road "free" and even if they have a few small holes you can patch those with matching color duct tape.

It's light enough to haul as well as set up and take down though you would need to factor in if you want to make a drop from the front cap all the way around or just to the front bin. The DYI sites have you buy regular PVC pipe with elbows, you can find a lot of that too for free or very low cost to make a bottom frame.

Just thought I'd pass it on, haven't seen a post about doing something like this on the forums. (Doesn't mean it isn't there though, sometimes I miss stuff on search)


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Hahahahaha. An attorney told me that once concerning getting it in writing. Not in writing, it did not happen.


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Been working on it, we've had high winds which hasn't made it easy! Trying to get a container to rent for a work shop, no 45mph gusts with sustained 32mph winds inside those.