Drain plug problem


I have an Atwood water heater. The nylon plug leaks. Not just a consistent drip either, it spews. I just replaced it last week & it didn’t spew for about 2 days. Now it’s a fountain again. I can’t leave my water on without creating a small pond under my rig. Suggestions?


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1. Insure to use plenty Teflon tape. I typically use 4 -6 wraps.
2. Be sure to tighten plug properly. It can screw into the tank port quite a bit.
3. If cross-threaded it may never seal properly.
Lastly check the threads of the tank for damage. If so, you may be able to fix with a few more wraps of tape.


Does your water temp feel too hot if so your relief valve may need to be changed. Building too much pressure and relieving thru the plastic plug.


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If tank threads are suspect of being stripped, maybe you could get the right size pipe tap (thread cutter) and clean up (i.e. "chase" ) the tank plug threads.