Enter Key not working with IE10 and VBulletin 4.2.0 (current forum software)


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I have been having troubles with my return key not working on the forum using IE10 (just autodownloaded by Microsquish). A little research showed this from another forum
Specific to vBulletin 4.2.0 (Forum application used by gtamotorcycle.com)


"3) On Windows8 computers, the editor boxes do not accept <enter> key, in other words, you cannot make a newline from Windows8 (IE10) by pressing <enter>. This seems to be in the enhanced editor only. The Standard editor works as expected."



There was a bug opened for this with vBulletin in October last year. It contains further details of investigating and identifying the problem.

In summary:
- This is not an IE 10 error
- This is a problem with older versions of the CKEditor (the default vBulletin 4 post editor)
- It can be fixed when vBulletin releases a version of vBulletin 4 that updates the CKEditor version

The problem is listed here in the vbulletin bug tracker, but it can only be viewed by logged in members:

EDIT - I just fixed it with a temporary fix --> using the compatibility mode toggle on the address bar compatability%20mode.jpg

Now I have my return key - but it is real slow. I guess its time to ditch IE and move to Chrome or Firefox. Interesting stats show IE is now less than 15% of browser market; Chrome over 50% and Firefox right behind it.....



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"These are based on the W3Schools' websites' log-files over a period of ten years," It may not reflect the overall browser market....

Fair enough - so if one uses statcounter share in US over the last 5 years --> StatCounter-browser-US-monthly-200807-201304.jpg

or looks at statcountershare for the entire world over the last 5 years --> StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-200807-201304.jpg

Data can be viewed many different ways.


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The growth in chrome reflects the increase of android devices for browsing rather than people using chrome for their desktop. Where I work, In much of our testing for many 3rd party websites , chrome had the most problems where Firefox and IE had the fewest problems. Safari was somewhat better than chrome.
As far as not being able to start new line with enter, I usually start longer messages in notepad and then copy and paste.
1. problems with losing work when posting to the forum.
2. easy to format in some other editor to bypass the issues.


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A workaround if your computer has numeric keypad is to use alt key code for the enter key. ALT+0013
Use it by holding down the alt key and typing 0013 on the keypad. This will not work using the numbers at the top of the keyboard. make sure num-lock is on.

Ray LeTourneau

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I found Firefox 20.0 and it's doing very well with Windows 8. The earlier problem I had was due to me not making Firefox the default browser.
The enter key even starts a new line.
I like it! :cool:


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I was having the return key issue and I could not upload photos from my c drive. Switched over to Firefox as linuxkid suggested and it is working great. I am also seeing quicker connections to links and other subtle differences...Like Ray says, I like it! (before was...windows 7 with IE10 / still windows 7 but now with Firefox)


Return key does not work here...

While making a post I found out that when I press the return key the cursor does nothing. It does not return to the left margin. I went to different forums and have no problem. I did change from IE8 to IE10 but that doesn't make any difference anywhere else. (hit return key) nope didn't work. Any one else have a similar problem??? Also when I go the advanced area the body of the post is about 3 pages long. I have to scroll way way way down to find the submit button. (hit return key) Nope didn't work again...


Re: Return key does not work here...

No problems here Bob,,, did you do a restart? Mine was acting crazy last week and restart cured the problem. I think these things get so much going on them that they just get mixed up once in a while.

Jim M


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Re: Return key does not work here...

I'm not having any problems with my Mac, maybe you need a remedial Computer 101 class? :angel: Best thing I could offer is like Jim said & try rebooting.


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Re: Return key does not work here...


i will let you know you are not alone! Happened to me all the time. In fact until I figured it out I usually wrote my posts in Word and then would copy and paste.

What solved my problem was moving from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. I realize there are millions of users here that probably have no trouble with IE but somewhere in my settings or something it just does not interface correctly.

I also had a lot of trouble uploading pictures and that stopped with Chrome too.

This was true on both my laptop and IPad.... I see many who use the "tapatalk app" but I don't. That might help too but Chrome is free and a good browser.

I wish you many happy "CR's" in the future!


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Re: Return key does not work here...

Ditto on the misbehaving "return" key. Firefox resolved the problem. Uploading pics works great with FF also.

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Re: Return key does not work here...

Bob and Gary,

I researched this and it seems there is a real issue here (IE only). I believe it has to do with our installation of Tapatalk and where it puts certain code when it is installed.

I have put a ticket in with our technical support moderator to look into this and attempt to fix it.

Bob - I'll reach out to you to test it once we think we have it fixed.




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Re: Return key does not work here...


Even though you sat with me in NY a few years ago and taught me all you know about using the forum, I was experiencing the same problems. I have also switched to Chrome which solved my problems. I had issues with attachments, editing and server too busy. Chrome has not cured the busy server but has taken care of all the other problems I was having.

I also read many other forums. I have had no problems posting, attaching or busy server issues using IE8 while on them. The problem, to those who have not experienced it, is real and only seems to be here on this forum.


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Re: Return key does not work here...

Why thanks JB! I believe I was typing my reply while you posted yours!

Would that also explain why the JOIN process will not accept credit cards in IE?


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Re: Return key does not work here...

Yep, I have the same issue here but I use IE8. I don't like change and find it hard to go to Chrome, guess its a mental issue, so I hope for a fix from JB's team.