EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Quanah - 3/11/2016 to 3/13/2016

Are you interested in the 501 Winery Wine Tasting & Snacks Event, Sat. March 12?

  • Yes! I understand it will cost $10 per person.

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  • No, thanks anyway!

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Founding Texas-West Chapter Leaders
I want to thank all the folks that joined us for this new adventure in West Texas. Erika and I had a blast getting to hang out with such wonderful people. I look forward to seeing you and others down the road with new adventures.


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Thank you Erika and Tony for a great rally. It was nice to see old friends and meet new ones. We are looking forward to see everyone soon.


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Whoa, I forgot to mention the food on facebook. Mike that food was great. That smoker of yours does magic (the cook might have something to do with it too). Thank you and thanks to everybody.
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