EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: TN, Sevierville - 4/21/2016 to 4/24/2016

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I wanted to pass on my thanks to the folks who volunteered to help out with the welcoming committee, Nathan and Byrd Mathis, Ken Hyde, and of course Dave and Julie for their assistance. A special thanks also to Ray Martin, who happened to come by when we needed some extra help and ended up helping out on a couple of other days. Great job by all and a great opportunity to meet everyone.

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and you all thought winter was over when you came for the rally! 5 inches of snow up at Clingmans Dome and Mt. Leconte last night.


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A bit late, but wanted to say our THANKS to Dave and Julie for all their hard work and planning and putting on one of the best rallies we have been to yet.
So many to say thanks to for helping with all of the work that I know it took to make it great, from state chapter leaders, volunteers, sponsors, pot luck hosts, etc..
And again, we had people help with several problems we had, from bring tools, ladders, helping put parts on our truck to showing up with an air compressor and putting the correct air pressure in our tires! Even showing up to see if their help was needed! What a great Heartland family we have. We feel blessed to be part of this great group of people.

we look forward to attending more regional rallies in the future.
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