EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

Added to Calendar: 06/12/23, 06/13/23, 06/14/23, 06/15/23, 06/16/23, 06/17/23, 06/18/23


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they played around to long getting info out so we can't make now. maybe they can get better org for the next one. we have to have are days off planned by feb 1 for the year if its more than a couple of days at a time. use to know info by the first of the year so we could plan our year.


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so far doesn't sound like much of a Rally this year. Sure, hope their will more announcements of vender discounts and activity's to come.


Hello Ohio Chapter, Tom and I just registered for the 2023 National Rally, we are so excited to see everyone. It has been awhile since we have seen you all. We will be coming in June 10th - 18th and requested the Infield area. See ya soon.

Tom & Yvette Burns
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OK, so just over half the sites are filled after 10 days of open registration. What do you'll think the cause for such a slow sign up? I can remember that on registration days in the past it was nearly full on the first day. Curious about everyone's opinion.
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New management of the rally, many Heartlanders have moved on to different brands, cost of fuel, apparent confusion of rally registration.


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for sure management and organization taking so long. had plans to come with quite a few others. took to long to get any info so made other plans.


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plans had been made last year for those dates, so a no go for us. Also so many things have changed since the last rally

Jim Posz

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In previous years the agenda and information were made available well in advance of the registration date, so when registration went live we knew what we wanted to sign up for and when we wanted to arrive. This year the information on pre-rally activities, vendors, seminars, repairs etc. weren't available in advance, so we have to make decisions and plan at a late date. Last I knew the seminar information is still pending.