Fender Replacement Parts


I have a 2014 Torque 325 SS VIN#5SFCG382XFE288554, I had a blowout coming home on my last trip and destroyed the fender skirt on the driver's side where the slideout splits the fender. Where can I purchase a replacement for this, my RV Repair shop is having trouble locating one. Also, since this is my second blowout this season, I am considering upgrading the tires, is there a G rated tire that would be compatible with this trailer.


Staff member
Call Heartland Customer Service and ask for parts. They will tell you if those fender skirts are available. 574-262-8030

As far as the tires go you will want to check the aluminum wheel specs to see if they will handle the pressure that a G tire can handle.
You might just want to consider a better quality tire that has a good reputation for reliability.