Floor damage due to weight of residential type refrigerator

2018 Landmark Newport, the bottom of the kitchen slide has 2, 6” rollers under the area where the big residential type refrigerator is. When the slide is retracted during transport those 2 rollers have made a big indentation in the linoleum. I’m sure that before long there will be a big hole in the linoleum. Anybody else seen this problem? Is this a matter of adjustment of the slide or does the slide floor under the refrigerator need to be reinforced? Looking for possible solutions before I start any disassembly. Thanks in advance for any help!


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Our 2015 Landmark, after 5 years and many many miles is doing great.

If it were me I would give the outer nut on the slide Ram a 1/2 turn at a time to see if you can take some weight off of those rollers when the slide is all the way in.

I would also use some floor protection (slide plates ) for now to protect your flooring until you get it properly adjusted..

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