Slide-mounted roller screws stripped out of SLIDE floor. Fixed.


Roller bracket screws stripped out of SLIDE floor. Upgrade..

Heartland tech support said they have never seen this problem. (Right) They also had no suggestions or solutions.

Bighorn kitchen slide-mounted roller screws stripped out of the SLIDE floor, causing the bottom wood trim to twist and peel the linoleum after her last trip. Discovered the larger grey slide roller brackets had been factory mounted to the TOP of the slide floor using only six short wood screws. These screws were “levered” right out of the wood by the 2-inch “moment arm” of the roller assemblies while trying to support the entire weight of the cabinetry, refrigerator, oven, microwave, etc. while traveling. Scratching my head on whoever came up with this “design”…

When asked if there was a better mounting bracket for this slide, tech support did not know of one. They only sell replacement parts. After researching forums, and the web, not much luck. Thankfully, others here on the Heartland forum had good advice on setting up to replace broken rollers and brackets that saved me some time. Nothing on stripped flooring though.

Basically, I had flanges welded to the existing roller brackets to support the floor from BELOW and across the floor cutouts. Used the existing screw locations for 3/8” machine bolts with lock washers from below into tack-welded nuts on top of the the brackets.

Now comes the hard part: Putting the wood trim back. And fixing the linoleum, ha!

J - Roller bracket stripping screws out, forcing trim upward.jpgU - Weldment1.jpgW - Install bolts & lockwashers from below.jpgX - Floor now supported by flange.jpg
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