Friction hinges and door coming apart


I wish I had your know-how! I just shelled out $850 for a new door which will still have the friction hinges. My only option is to stay on top of the dry lubrication suggested every three months and hope I don't break another door! At least now I know what to be aware of (I think).

For me, I would still disable the friction to insure the door frame doesn't rip off again.

It's real easy to attach a "T" latch to hold the door open when you want.
There is one mobile home repairman in this county and he is going to install the new door. I will see if he can do what you did to disable the friction. I'm not sure what a "T" latch is, but I can google it I'm sure! Thank you.


Here's the "T" latch I used, works great. On Amazon

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